We recommend that all children should have their eyes tested from an early age, followed by regular checks depending upon their vision and visual development. By the time a child starts school, any visual impairment or ocular conditions will be diagnosed, and appropriate glasses or treatment will have been provided to improve their sight.

The early years of a child’s eye development are very important. Problems with eye sight and eye health, if undetected, can cause the child to be less sociable and confident, and potentially hinder them in the development of reading and writing skills.

A young child may not complain about blurred vision, as this is how they have always seen things.

At Charnley’s Opticians we provide a happy environment to allow every child to feel relaxed, and to enjoy their eye test. It doesn’t matter if a child cannot read or identify letters – we modify our methods using symbols and pictures, making it easier and more enjoyable for them.

We will discuss any concerns you have, along with any family history of eye problems. After your child’s examination we will provide a full explanation of any issues found during the examination.

If glasses are needed, our dispensing opticians and staff will take care of you and your child, helping you to choose the most suitable frames and lenses.

We stock a wide range of frames for young children through to teenagers (who probably don’t want cartoon characters on their frames any longer!)

We can also offer contact lenses for older children. If you are considering contact lenses for your child, visit our practice to discuss your options.

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