We would in general advise children who needed spectacles to remain wearing them up to an age at which they are sufficiently able, and confident enough, to handle and maintain contact lenses.

Obviously, it is imperative that hands are clean prior to lens insertion, and a level of maturity and responsibility is necessary for safe contact lens wear. Therefore we would generally recommend that contact lenses are considered when a child is over the age of 10.

There are, however, circumstances where we would consider prescribing contact lenses to a child below this age; this depends on the child themselves, and the reasons for wanting to try contact lens wear.

For many children, playing a sport may be a strong motivation for contact lens wear. In many cases, the child won’t wear the lenses all the time, but perhaps just for the duration of the sport, or on certain social occasions.

Many modern contact lenses are suitable for children, especially daily disposable lenses, which are extremely convenient to wear, and are ideal for occasional lens use.

Charnley’s Opticians provide comprehensive contact lens fitting options, and spend time to ensure that a child is comfortable and confident wearing and handling lenses, before proceeding with regular lens usage.

We will take time to teach him/her how to insert, remove and maintain their contact lenses, and are always available for on-going support.

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